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Noteworthy Staff

Richard Edwards

The Company president, Richard Edwards, is a licensed professional land surveyor in Louisiana and Mississippi with over 40 years of surveying experience.

In 1965, Sterling Mandle opened Mandle Surveying. Richard Edwards began working for Mandle Surveying at this time. He was part of the field crew, assisting with land surveys and elevation surveys.

After many years, Richard Edwards left Mandle Surveying to work for another local surveying company. He eventually opened his own land surveying business on the Northshore. In 1998 he returned to Mandle Surveying and purchased the business, which then became Mandle-Edwards Surveying.

The name may have changed, but Mandle-Edwards Surveying still provides essential services to developers, builders, and individuals.

Glenn Landry

Is the senior survey crew chief, and has been surveying since 1978. He joined Mandle Surveying in 1981.

Chris Bannon

Is the draftsman/CAD operator, and he began working for Mandle Surveying in 1977.